Sweethope Farm

Sweethope Farm is a mixed arable and livestock farm located in the heart of the Scottish Borders


J. N. Fuller-Shapcott & Co.
Sweethope Farm
Scottish Borders

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Sweethope Farm

Sweethope Hill

Sweethope Hill

Sweethope is a 240 hectare (600 acre) mixed arable and livestock farm located in the heart of the Scottish Borders, close to the town of Kelso.

The farm is managed by a family run company (J.N. Fuller-Shapcott & Co.), which stems from four generations of farming experience. First established in Wiltshire, the company moved to the Borders in 1988. The company aims to produce a consistent, high quality product for a known market, while continuing to look at further opportunities for improvement. This is in addition to managing the land to encourage and preserve wildlife habitats including Lurgie Loch, which is a Scottish National Heritage designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) partly within the farm.

Arable and Beef Production

The majority of the farm land is given over to arable production, but there are 32 hectares (80 acres) of permanent pasture. These are used (in conjunction with Hardiesmill) to finish pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle for the premium beef market.

In conjunction with its own farming enterprises, the company farms additional arable land under various contract arrangements.

The farm has its own Facebook page which gives more information on what’s been happening at Sweethope and in farming generally.

Dounbye Holiday Cottage

Encompassed within Sweethope is Dounbye - a holiday cottage which has its own large private garden allowing visitors to relax in seclusion. The six bed accommodation is modern and spacious, with outstanding views of the Tweed Valley and Cheviot hills.  

Sweethope Shooting

Areas of woodland and field margins around the farm are actively managed to promote and shelter wildlife as well as reared game birds for Sweethope Shooting. This is a small friendly shoot which can provide both driven and walked up shooting days tailored to the customers’ requirements.

Sweethope Hill

The name of the farm is taken from Sweethope Hill, which is part of the farm and is uniquely identified by the two trees (a whitebeam and an ash) on the summit. These trees are known locally as ‘Jack and Jill’ and are the supposed remnants of a small wood which once covered the hill top. Part of the hill is also a scheduled ancient monument being the site of a prehistoric hill fort and settlement (Canmore ID 57153).

Prior to 1930 the farm was part of the Stichill House Estate and during WW II housed a search light emplacement.

Sweethope Farm

The farm viewed from Sweethope Hill
Dounbye Holiday Cottage

Dounbye Holiday Cottage

Winter Barley 
Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus Bullock